How We Give

Shoe Giving is integrated into our Giving Partners' everyday work in community development. Our partners provide services such as health checkups, distribution of medicine and vaccines, microfinance programs, youth leadership programs, school support and vocational training for older teens.

How Shoe Giving Works

  1. Step 1: Make A Match

    Everything starts with your purchase. Once shoes are bought, we collaborate with our long-term Giving Partners to distribute the same number of pairs that our customers buy.

  2. Step 2: Customise The Order

    Our Giving Department works with Giving Partners to place orders for the right sizes, quantities and types of shoes, providing logistical support and first-rate customer service.

  3. Step 3: Deliver & Distribute

    We send new pairs to our Giving Partners, who place the shoes directly on children's feet — as part of their broader programs to help kids and communities.

  4. Step 4: Pick Up The Tab

    Giving shouldn't come with hidden costs, so we help cover expenses to transport and distribute the shoes, including freight, vehicle rental and even delivery by donkey.

  5. Step 5: Review & Improve

    We're always learning. We assess the impact of our Giving through partner feedback, site visits and commissioned field studies. Then we adapt, to make it more effective.

  6. Step 6: Repeat

    We're committed to Giving responsibly and sustainably, working with our partners to provide new shoes as needed.

    Meet Some Of Our Partners

    The Qualities We Look For

    At TOMS, we understand that strong partnerships are key. Here are some of the qualities we look for in our Giving Partners:

    • Sustainable

      Giving Partners work with communities to address their needs in a way that will enable the community to meet its own needs in the future.

    • Integration

      TOMS Shoes must be integrated into programs that have a positive impact on a child's health, education and well-being.

    • Commitment

      TOMS Giving Partners invest significant time and resources in helping communities build for a sustainable future.

    • Economically Considerate

      Giving Partners are considerate of the local economies in locations where TOMS gives shoes.

    • Infrastructure

      TOMS Giving Partners must have the capacity to store and distribute TOMS Giving Shoes.