We're in business to improve lives.

We believe in a more equitable tomorrow. That’s why we invest ⅓ of profits for grassroots good, including cash grants and partnerships with community organisations, to drive sustainable change.


We’re focused on supporting solutions through cash grants designed to meet a community’s unique needs, helping to make them scalable and sustainable.
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An important part of being in business to improve lives means taking good care of the place we all call home, and we’re committed to doing our part.
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TOMS is a community, too, and we strive to maintain a culture rooted in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism. We support our employees and our partners to help create positive change.
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TOMS for Mental Health

Mental Health Tips

It's always a good idea to invest in your mental health. TOMS aims to make it easier by providing resources and tips, all thanks to your purchases.

Consider us an open book

We understand the importance of transparency. So, each year we share our journey with you through a comprehensive report that captures the good, the difficult, and the downright inspiring. And it's not just about the latest and greatest. We've archived each report so you can track our progress and your impact.


We're proud to be in good company

As a Certified B Corporation™, we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. That’s something we’re pretty proud of, but we’re far from finished. As of now, our score is 121.5—25% higher than our first. Still, we think we can do even better.

How we measure up

Chart depicting TOMS performance against competetors with a score of 96.3 in 2018 we have grown to a score of 121.5 in 2021
Point Measure Y Axis
TOMS 2021 score of 121.5, TOMS 2018 score of 96.3, Burton score of 80.4, Veja score of 84.2, Allbirds score of 89.4, Cotopaxi score of 93.6, Ben & Jerry's score of 110, Nisolo score of 115.4, KOTN of 121.3, and Patagonia score of 151.4. 80 is the min score to be a B corp trademarked. 50.9 is the median score for businesses. As of October 2022.

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