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The Freedom Of Sight

TOMS Eyewear purchases help restore more than vision. It allows individuals to regain independence, return to work and reimagine the future.

How Sight Giving Works

  1. Step 1: Make A Match

    When a customer buys a pair of TOMS Eyewear, we provide Giving Partners with funding to restore sight to one individual.

  2. Step 2: Diagnose The Person

    Individuals are evaluated through a comprehensive eye examination at local clinics and hospitals through outreach programs.

  3. Step 3: Treat The Issue

    An eye care professional provides proper treatment based on evaluation.

  4. Step 4: Pair Up For Good

    We support organizations pursuing a self-sustaining business model. We collect feedback and continue to improve our support.

    Meet Some Of Our Partners

    The Qualities We Look For

    At TOMS, we understand that strong partnerships are key. Here are some of the qualities we look for in our Giving Partners:

    • Sustainable

      Giving Partners work with communities to address their needs in a way that will enable the community to meet its own needs in the future.

    • Integration

      TOMS Shoes must be integrated into programs that have a positive impact on a child's health, education and well-being.

    • Commitment

      TOMS Giving Partners invest significant time and resources in helping communities build for a sustainable future.

    • Economically Considerate

      Giving Partners are considerate of the local economies in locations where TOMS gives shoes.

    • Infrastructure

      TOMS Giving Partners must have the capacity to store and distribute TOMS Giving Shoes.