Every new One for One® starts by identifying a need.

Identify A Need

The TOMS Giving Team has set up a taskforce to research and identify the greatest needs around the world. We study UN statistics and the Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to work by other international development experts.

Cast A Wide Net

Through this research, TOMS has identified a number of high-priority needs, including: energy, food security, housing, health, education, water, financial access, environment, gender equality and well-being/empowerment.

Research The Possibilities

Once we’ve decided on a need to address, we research tangible interventions that can serve as the next One for One®. Ideally, these interventions allow us to leave a big impact by playing a small part in a process.

Seek Partners

Finally, we look to the best nonprofits and social enterprises serving that need, seeking a variety of partners with different, but valuable ways of accomplishing one great goal.