One For One

Through your purchases, TOMS helps provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth and
bullying prevention services to people in need. Learn more about what we give.

What We Give

How It Happens

Meet some of the folks who help improve lives and fulfill the One for One® promise around the world.

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  1. A customer (like you!) buys eyewear at a TOMS store

  2. An eye care professional provides proper treatment for TOMS patient

  3. A Giving Partner receives funding for treatment

  1. You buy TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee

  2. TOMS employees work with our Giving Partners

  3. A community receives access to safe water

  4. Giving Partners receive funding to create sustainable water services



Sales of TOMS Shoes, Eyewear, Coffee and Bags drive Giving through the TOMS One for One® model. Every time a TOMS product is purchased, a person in need is helped.



The TOMS Giving Team collaborates with Giving Partners to plan how we can further the partners' work, by giving TOMS products or helping the partners to provide services.



TOMS uses business for good, through tailored products and services, logistical support, local production and more.



Our Giving Partners provide TOMS products or services, supporting sustainable and responsible programs for communities in need.

Our Impact

We are committed to more than just Giving.
Learn how TOMS makes an impact beyond One for One.

Our Plan

Over 2 MILLION CHILDREN have been protected from hookworm with medication and TOMS Shoes provided by our Giving Partners.

42% INCREASE in maternal health care program participation as a result of shoe distribution

INCREASE IN STUDENT ENROLLMENT OF 1000 in Liberian primary school classrooms after TOMS Shoe distribution began

100 CHILDREN identified during shoe-integrated health screenings as needing malnutrition care in Malawi

From Nepal To Kentucky

Where we give shoes, sight, water, maternal health and jobs. Explore

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