What We Give

TOMS Eyewear purchases provide a person in need with a full eye exam by trained medical professionals. Each patient then receives the treatment he or she needs. TOMS supports treatments for three of the most common vision issues:

Prescription Glasses

Eye care professionals determine the corrective lenses a person needs and provide the right pair of eyeglasses.
The patient is able to choose their own new frames, and a technician grinds the lenses to fit the patient's exact prescription.

  • Nearsightedness Trouble seeing objects that are far away.
  • Farsightedness Trouble seeing objects that are close up.
  • Astigmatism An abnormal curve of the cornea, causing vision to be out of focus.

Sight-Saving Surgery

Surgeons perform an eye operation and give follow-up care and education.


Clouding of the lens of the eye, which can cause blurry vision and blindness. Cataract surgery represents the majority of TOMS-supported eye surgeries, and can be performed in as few as 15 minutes.


An infectious disease that can cause chronic inflammation and scarring on the inside of the eyelid, which can lead to corneal scarring and blindness.

Medical Treatment

Eye care professionals administer prescription medications, remove foreign objects from the eye if necessary, and provide follow-up care and education.

Inflammation and Infection

Common causes include conjunctivitis and iritis, which can cause blurred vision, eye pain and can lead to blindness if left untreated.

Eye Trauma

Scratches or cuts to the eye that can lead to infection, loss of vision or loss of the eye.

Corneal Ulcerations

Bacteria or fungus that causes damage to the cornea. This can cause painful inflammation and loss of vision.

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TOMS works with a network of 14 Giving Partners in 13 countries to help provide communities in need with access to eye care. With restored vision, patients are able to reclaim their independence and return to their daily lives.